The 5 Most Popular Ways to Break Your Phone 14/03/2014
The terrible ways Aussies kill their smartphones. Are you guilty?
The 5 Most Popular Ways to Break Your Phone

 As it turns out, we Aussies treat our smartphones pretty badly, with research from Yatango revealing 5 of the most common ways we part with our beloved mobiles involves damage!  Here are the statistics on the various ways your phone might meet its tragic end.

1. You go crazy and smash it yourself!

Yes, 7% of people admit to doing that! 

2. It drowns

There’s a 7% chance you’ll drop it in a drink. Stick with bottled drinks or champagne to avoid this one.

3. You sit on it

10% of damaged phones have been sat on! Keep it out of your back pocket.

4. You loo-se it

You could be among the 13% who drop their phones in the toilet. 

5. It takes a fall

Statistically, it’s is most likely that your phone will be the victim of a nasty fall out of a bag or pocket! 46% of Aussie smartphones die this way.

So how can you avoid becoming a statistic? Well aside from staying calm, never having a drink in a glass big enough to fit a phone in it, leaving your phone outside the loo and not keeping it in your pockets, you can just prepare for the inevitable with a decent protective phone case.

Avoid the slip

Lots of phones succumb to gravity just because of a simple slip. If that’s ever happened to you, a phone case that adds some grip like the rubber-feel TPU case or the Silicon case which also helps absorb impact could do the trick.

Drop protection

An excellent choice for the generally careful phone owner, the Essentials case is a good place to start for basic, all round protection for your iPhone or Samsung mobile.

If your phone generally takes a few tumbles, take a look at the Tuff Case. With its soft silicon inner to protect against drops and its hard plastic exterior to shield against scratches this phone case provides excellent protection for your iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4.

Serial phone destroyers should carefully consider the Vault V2, available for iPhone and Galaxy. This Sprout phone case is about as close as you get to bulletproof.

At Sprout, we’re all about protecting and enjoying mobile devices with phone cases for iPhone and android, iPad cases and all the mobile accessories you need to stay connected and charged up.

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