iPhone 5s Versus iPhone 5c 24/09/2013
The new Apple iPhone release has shown that there are both differences and similarities between the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.
iPhone 5s Versus iPhone 5c

Apple has released the new iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c to both criticism and acclaim. There are people who can hardly wait to get themselves an upgrade and others that feel the minimal advancement in technology between iPhone models means they are happy to wait.

From the outside, despite the change in colours, the iPhones look very similar to the predecessor iPhone 5 model. Both phones have very similar dimensions and screen sizes compared to the iPhone 5. However, the new models are slightly different to each other. What’s under the hood of these phones also offers some differences to users who will have to choose their features and therefore their phones more carefully.

The differences hardly control the market choice for these two phones but nonetheless they can still influence consumer choice.

iPhone 5s features

This model has several key differences to the iPhone 5c to justify the price difference which to be critical is only $60 more expensive than the ‘budget’ model. The phone features a new finger print scanner set to improve phone security and the ease for purchasing from Apple’s iTunes and App Store. It also maintains a more expensive feel with its solid metal and glass screen design. The iPhone 5s appeals to a more luxury aesthetic by offering the phone in champagne, space grey and white. An improved camera featuring a f2.2 aperture, true-tone flash and 1.5 µ pixel sensor puts it ahead of both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c.

iPhone 5c features

The biggest difference with this model is the choice of colours. Apple deciding to design the phone in five vibrant colours: pink, blue, green, yellow and white follows suit from their choice to do the same with the iPod mini a few years ago. Time will tell if it will have the same effect over sales with the iPhones as it did with the iPods. The iPhone 5c is made from a steel reinforced plastic shell and uses an A6 chip. As an added bonus it also comes with $40 worth of pre-loaded premium iPhone apps.

iPhone 5s versus iPhone 5c

There are similarities between the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c that further confuses the market choice for consumers. No seriously new innovation has been included in these iPhones and so in many ways these phones are similar.

  • Both feature the new iOS 7 software
  • Each has a 4 inch diagonal widescreen with multi-touch displays and a pixel resolution of 326 ppi
  • Improved battery power from the iPhone 5 with 250 hrs of standby time or 10hrs of talk time or 8hrs of internet surfing
  • 2 cameras – FaceTime with 1.2 Mp for the front facing camera and iSight camera with 8Mp for the rear facing camera
  • Each phone will have the new motion co-processor

Each is dope in its own way but even cashed out folks are going to balk at the ‘budget’ iPhone 5c price tag. For Ballers the iPhone 5s is a phat phone ready to cause some serious cheezin. Whatever you choose Sprout’s hot new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c cases are sure to give you what you want; serious protection with mad design. Our range of accessories is made to give you the most out of your mobile and tablet devices. If you do make the plunge to upgrade be sure to have plenty of protection on hand to make sure you aren’t devo’d by losing your new toy to a clumsy accident. 

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