Phone Case of the Month: You Won't Be a Carbon Copy with Our Amazing Carbon Fibre Case 15/07/2013
Harden the phone up with this amazing carbon fibre case for your Samsung Galaxy S4
Phone Case of the Month: You Won't Be a Carbon Copy with Our Amazing Carbon Fibre Case  Do you own a new Samsung Galaxy S4? Are looking for a way to protect it that is funky and functional? Sprout’s new Carbon Fibre case is something completely unique which we are sure you’ll love. Being a Sprout phone case you can be assured that its design offers you a little something more than any other case would. Sprout is on a mission to design and create the most innovative products for you to enjoy and the Carbon Fibre case is no exception. 
Made from real carbon fibre it offers a strong, light and durable cover that will ensure your Samsung Galaxy S4 is protected. Its light yet robust construction means that your S4 is kept safe whilst still being functional with generous openings for the camera, volume control and cord attachments. 
Its classy charcoal grey colour creates a neutral feel that will be welcomed by both guys and gals and offers even more piece of mind for those of us who are clumsy. Grey is a great colour to deflect marks so you can rest easy knowing that your case will look and feel better for longer. Its demure colour also makes it a perfect accessory for the corporate crowd. 
The Carbon Fibre case is brand new to Sprout customers. We are so sure that its sleek and slick design will quickly make it one of our most popular cases that we made it our Phone Case of the Month. 
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