The 5 best photography apps for iPhone 18/06/2014
The iPhone has a fantastic camera, but to truly get the best experience, you want to grab a few extra apps. Here are our top 5.
The 5 best photography apps for iPhone

With so many photography apps out there on the market, how do we decide which ones to use? After all, we don't want to waste our valuable time on apps that are versatile enough to meet our needs - or just don't work properly! Save yourself some time with our hand-picked selection of the best iPhone photo apps.


We love Camera+ for a few reasons. First up, it's incredibly easy-to-use and it works really quickly, so frustration is minimised. Second, it offers a huge stack of features - from a reliable zoom to various shooting options, and independent setting of exposure and focus to an excellent array of editing tools. The developers are committed to making sure Camera+ is one of the best iPhone apps around, so they're constantly making improvements and adding updates.


For transforming any photo into a work of art, AfterLight is hard to beat. One of its most appealing aspects is its framing tool. Use it to enhance images in a bold, elegant or stylish way and make them stand out, especially on social media platforms and photo sharing sites where the competition is fierce! A whole bunch of textures and lighting tricks, some derived from the classic look enabled by 35mm film, are also available. 


The popularity of VSCO Cam among photo apps is on the rise and rise. One of the reasons is that it has become the focal point of an active, engaged community of photographers. So users can share photos easily. The interface looks great, plus it's simple and clear to use. Useful features include advanced filters and a leveller.

Contrast by John Hornbeck

contrast by hornbeck  is a mind-blowingly powerful app for anyone who wants to turn their snaps into stunning images. It transforms photos into beautiful black and white impressions, in which contrast is heightened. It's one of the few iPhone apps that really encourages a photographer to look at the world in a whole new way. Even the most ordinary objects can prove to have artistic merit. 


We all know that taking selfies is one of the most popular ways of using an iPhone. We also know that it's a lot of fun playing around with images of ourselves. Facetune, as the name suggests, allows us to do just that. The app can be used to touch up portraits in pretty much every way imaginable. Make blemishes vanish? Check. Remove wrinkles? Check. Whiten teeth? Check. Create beautiful, even-toned skin? Check. Facetune doesn't offer the variety of possibilities that other apps do, but it certainly does faces really, really well. 


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