Top 15 Countries with Highest Smart Phone Infiltration 18/09/2013
Smart phones now penetrate everyday life more than the use of computers and television and Statista has found how deeply they penetrate
Top 15 Countries with Highest Smart Phone Infiltration iPhones, Samsung Galaxies and HTC Ones have become as ubiquitous with modern life as beer and meat pies are with Rugby games. Statista’s recent investigation found an interesting trend in the penetration of smart phones in particular parts of the world. The results may not be as expected as the biggest omission is the powerhouse USA missing from the top ten.

The Top Countries

Interestingly the UAE dominates the list with smart phones infiltrating 73.8% of the entire population. This can be accounted for the fact that there are no taxes here and the average income and household worth is much higher than many other countries in the world. South Korea takes out the number two spot with 73% population penetration. Again this can be explained by the countries growing affluence and pre-occupation with technology and gadgetry.

Australia’s Position

Australia sits in the sixth spot with an impressive 64.6% penetration. As Australia’s economy grows and our salaries increase with global inflation many more people are opting for smart phones as personal gifts and essential lifestyle devices.

The Mystery Behind USA’s Position

Most observers of the research are stumped by the USA reaching only thirteenth on the list. Their economy has been stagnated by the global financial crisis as well as being plagued by huge discrepancies between middle and low-income earners. Despite their lower ranking of 56.4% it still represents well over 150 million people who have purchased and engage with their smart phones.  

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