A battle of our Bluetooth speakers 15/05/2015
It’s a battle of our Bluetooth speakers, the Cortex versus Tempo Bluetooth speaker.
A battle of our Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers are a handy gadget, especially for people who love their tunes. An easy connect to your smartphone or gadget of choice lets you play the music you love without worrying about cables and connectors. The question then becomes, "which Bluetooth speaker should I choose?" Let's have a look at two of the top Sprout speakers and help you find the answer.

The Sprout Cortex speaker and the Sprout Tempo speaker are both great units, but there are some marked differences, and having that information will help you make a more informed decision. We'll look at the most important characteristics of each and see how they compare.

Sound quality

Obviously, this is the first and biggest factor when buying a speaker, and these two units don't disappoint. The Sprout Tempo Bluetooth comes in at a sound strength of 2W and has a battery life of up to three hours for Bluetooth playback and six hours for line-in playback. The Sprout Cortex Bluetooth speaker is the same in terms of battery life, but it has a bit stronger output at 3W. 


These two units are similar in size.  One of the biggest differences between the Cortex and Tempo speakers is how they look. The Cortex has a premium brushed alloy finish and stands at 48.5 mm x 81 mm, whereas the Tempo comes in bright blue and stands at 43 mm x 51 mm. The extremely compact size of the Tempo speaker means it can be carried almost anywhere and doesn't take up much room in a bag or suitcase. Both have the same 15m Bluetooth range as well as a rechargeable battery.

Micro SD

One other marked difference between these devices is the use of MicroSD. With the Tempo Bluetooth Speaker, you get Bluetooth and line-in options only. The Sprout Cortex, however, has an additional option that allows you to plug in a MicroSD card of up to 16GB in size. This means you can load up a playlist of your favourite songs and play it straight from the Cortex speaker itself without the need for a separate device. This can come in handy as you only have to worry about the battery life of the speaker and not an additional device.


So, if you're looking for a bright, ultra-compact Bluetooth speaker that is economically priced, the Sprout Tempo speaker  is your best bet at just $39.99. However, if you want a speaker that is made from premium materials, looks sleek, and is a little more hard-wearing, the Sprout Cortex speaker is a great investment, at $69.99. Whichever one you choose, make sure you've got some of your favourite tunes downloaded, so you can get the music started as soon as it arrives! 

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Need other accessories?

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