Phone Case of the Month is in The Vault 15/05/2013
Our exclusive and innovative Vault Case has been awarded our Phone case of the month – check out why it is for yourself
Phone Case of the Month is in The Vault Sprout’s street-cred is built on designing the best technology accessories for our loyal customer-base. We want to create for you the freshest, funkiest and best-engineered products we can to make your favourite technology products as useful and fun as possible. One of our proudest creations to date is The Vault case and it is Sprout’s Phone Case of the Month.

The Vault case is designed by Sprout to be super tough! It is the Fort-Knox of cases. We have made this phone case virtually indestructible and it is meant for people who work hard and play tough! There are stories of people driving over their phones wearing The Vault case and it being left unharmed. An amazing feat for a case that is funky as well as functional. It is ideal for tradies, adventure sport enthusiasts, mine workers and other extreme conditions – we don’t recommend you drive over your phone, but it is good to know that a phone case can be as tough as you are with it.

Today you savvy smart phone users are not only readily upgrading your phone to the best model the market has to offer, but you are putting the technology through its paces demanding access to the net and applications on time, every time. The Vault case offers protection and peace-of-mind with its exclusive design. It features a hard plastic interior which protects your phone on all sides. The case also uses a soft, chick, black silicon material externally to enhance user comfort and render it drop proof. Our patented super tough belt clip does that bad boy up nice and tight, but also allows for quick access to your phone without compromising on its protection.

Overall this case offers design, innovation and protection which are a difficult combination to beat when it comes to smart phone cases. Its competitive edge is the main reason why we have awarded it our Phone Case of the month position. Check out our other outstanding phone cases to make your phone picture-perfect and protected.