Win an iTunes Gift Card and Bluetooth Headphones for Your Poor Choice in Music 14/08/2013
Sprout is giving away an iTunes gift vouchers and Sprout Bluetooth Headphones for stories about peoples most embarrassing song choices
Win an iTunes Gift Card and Bluetooth Headphones for Your Poor Choice in Music

Sprout loves sharing their love of technology with their happy customers. They also love creating stylish and functional accessories to compliment people’s favourite mobile and tablet devices. But their biggest love of all is giving away free things because they know you love winning free stuff!

What’s in a song?

We all know that people’s choice in music is subjective – what can be someone’s favourite song can be another person’s audio nightmare. However, there are songs which most people can unite against and make it easy to brand a person who listens to it as having terrible taste in music (Kenny G does come to mind). Most people do like to maintain a certain level of street cred and it can be simply embarrassing when your friends catch you rocking some serious toe-tapping action to Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”.

The Facebook Competition

Sprout wants to know what the most embarrassing song is you’ve ever been caught listening to. Tell us the story including what the culprit song is and how you were caught out by people. Of course we would love you to include photos and video to enhance your competition entry. The more creative you can be with it the better. For your efforts Sprout will reward the winner with a $150 iTunes gift voucher to support investment in good-quality music and a set of our Bluetooth Headphones so that if you can’t dump the embarrassing music choices at least no one else will have to listen to it too.

How to enter

If you haven’t already – jump over to our Facebook page and click on the ‘Enter & Win’ tab. Fill in the competition form with your creative story and best contact details. Be sure to include all the requested information with a star.

Sprout can’t wait to see and read about your embarrassing stories! Good luck! 

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