10 Great Features of the Samsung Galaxy S3 19/03/2013
Should you get the Samsung Galaxy S3? Here are some facts that will help you decide.
10 Great Features of the Samsung Galaxy S3

There is huge debacle surrounding the iPhone v Samsung debate. At Sprout we are not taking sides, in fact we love both equally, everyone should have a Samsung AND an iPhone! However, we do love this infographic about the Samsung Galaxy S3 which magnifies a mere 10 great features.

1. HD Super AMOLED Display

 Who doesn’t want a vibrant and vivid colour display on their smartphone! As a fellow snap happy picture taker I love that even filming outdoor scenes or sports is a breeze with the HD video capture feature.

2.  Hands Free with ‘S Voice’

 S Voice which is the equivalent of Siri for the iPhone advocates, makes enjoying your phone while doing other activities effortless. Just simply tap the S Voice icon and away you go with any needs or demands all the while keeping your hands free!

3.  Pop Up Play with Samsung

In this day and age is it a necessity for one to be able to multitask, actually our survival depends on it.  Samsung have taken this on board and developed a simple yet invaluable feature known as the pop up player. It allows the user to resize a video to a smaller window and use the rest of the space to take part in a simultaneous search or a mundane task that needs attending to. Genius Samsung!

4.  The Galaxy Exynos Quad Core Processor

This hidden gem offers incredible performance while consuming much less power. If this wasn’t enough it makes multitasking look easy, leaving your smartphone with more battery life that before.

5.  S3 Task Manager

To access the S3’s task manager you simply hold down the home button to get a snapshot of which applications are running. It allows you to know exactly which applications are running and how much memory and battery life they’re taking up. We love this it’s awesome!

6.  Samsung’s Lock Screen

Samsung allows users to customise their lock screens. With this you get to define your shortcuts.

7. Direct Call on the Samsung Galaxy S3

Yes the S3 can use motion activation to automatically make a call when you lift the phone to your ear with a contact on the screen. Yes we are that lazy!

8.  Block Mode with the Galaxy S3

If you are too good at making friends you may want to check out Samsung’s Block Mode. It lets you control your notifications, calls and alerts you get at certain times. The most popular use is, do not disturb when you are asleep, but you can have a list of approved contacts that are able to get through at all times.

9.  Quick Access with Samsung’s Notification Bar

The notification bar gives you a snapshot as to all your outstanding notifications but it is also the quickest way to increase battery life by managing the connections being used. The pull down lets you switch off connections after a screen tap or two meaning your charger will be safe at home!

10.      Micro SD it up with the S3

If you can’t seem to let go of your old pictures or videos and you have come to maximum capacity with your memory, Samsung have allowed for a micro SD card slot to soak up the excess. Stay Snap Happy Australia!

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