Samsung Galaxy Accessories: Hot, Funky and Essential - Sprout Has You Covered 30/08/2013
Check out the best Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S4 phone cases and accessories online with Sprout.
Samsung Galaxy Accessories: Hot, Funky and Essential - Sprout Has You Covered

The Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 phones are some of the best smart phones to come to market and we know that you guys out there love them. Sprout has created amazing Samsung Galaxy phone cases and accessories for both the S3 and S4 to keep them safe and make them even more stylish. We have made a broad range to meet your needs as Sprout knows we are not all built the same.

Here are our 3 top categories of Samsung cases and Galaxy accessories:

What’s Hot?

Sprout has their finger on the pulse and we listen to what you tell us on our Twitter and Facebook pages. We know that it isn’t quite feasible to make Lobster edition cases, but some of your other suggestions of artistic and creative cases have been taken on board.

  • Sprout’s Samsung Galaxy S4 Geo case combines creative and artistic design with a protective hard shell to bring you a stylish and practical case.
  • The Cubed case features a unique 3D design that is exclusive to Sprout and it has been one of our top sellers since we introduced it.

We know that you love useful and quality accessories for your phone so our portable Bluetooth speakers are already a hit.

What’s Funky?

It is important that your Samsung Galaxy cases are funky as well as functional. Sprout wouldn’t want it any other way. For the fashionistas and trendy peeps among us we have a couple of designs that are sure to delight.

  • Our Zebra Samsung Galaxy S4 case mixes fashionable design with a protective hard shell for a case that not only makes you centre of attention, but makes your phone safe too.
  • The Glitter case is a stylin’ little number with a slim and sleek design that is topped with sparkles in pink or silver to really set your Samsung Galaxy S4 apart.

What’s Essential?

Sprout knows that even with the best of intentions accidents can happen. Sometimes the most important thing is keeping your Samsung Galaxy safe and anything aesthetic comes second. However, Sprout has doubled-up with their range of essential cases that are both sturdy and purdy.

  • Our Vault Case is the toughest of the tough featuring a hard plastic interior, a rubber and silicon outer and a super strong belt clip that make this case the king of protection. It looks sleek and classic too!
  • The Samsung Galaxy S4 Tough case is one of Sprout’s most popular cases thanks to its soft silicon inner layer and tuff plastic exterior. This case is sure to protect whilst turning heads.
  • The Genuine Leather Flip case is another one of our top sellers, if you love the smell and feel of leather then this is the case for you! The case features a 2 magnet seal for a more secure setting along with two credit card slots for extra convenience. This case is designed with the Samsung Galaxy S4 in mind.

Sprout has many more Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 phone cases and Samsung Galaxy accessories available whose styles are as individual as you are. See which one suits you.

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