Take Fireworks Photos like A Pro 02/09/2013
Use your iPhone or Android smart phone to take amazing pictures of fireworks using these quick tips and tricks.
Take Fireworks Photos like A Pro

Many phones including the HTC One, iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 have cameras that rival any point-and-shoot digital from your local electronics store. Plus they are super handy and pocket-sized which just happen to have a phone, internet connection and all your favourite apps. How could you go wrong?

Fireworks are popular pictures but are tricky subjects to photograph. Brisbane’s Riverfire Festival is coming up from 7-28th September and we know there are some keen beans out there wanting to capture the most exciting moments. There are, however, photography tricks for taking a quality pic and Sprout is here to walk you through some of the best tips to take photos of Fireworks.

Get a good position

Scope out the location of your photographs beforehand if possible as knowing where buildings, trees and street lights are positioned will enhance your image and not take away from it.

Steady as a rock

You may have nerves of steel but even the most courageous have a slight tremor in their hands. It is best to invest in a tripod or stabling mount to ensure that your images are free from blurs.

Get set

Before the fireworks explode be sure to set up your phone camera in the position where the sparks are going to fly. You don’t want to have to chase them.

Engage the AE/AF lock

On the iPhone and many Android phones there is an AE/AF screen lock that enables the camera to get into focussing position. Tap the screen to lock the exposure and focus on the first firework spark so it is ready to take photos from then on.

Capture it all

Most people will opt for horizontal in order to fit more into the picture. Fireworks are one of the few subjects where portrait will give the best justice to their size and setting.

Sans the zoom

Take zooming out of the picture here and rely on the portrait setting to capture the fireworks. Photos of fireworks look better when they show the entire spark.

Ignore third-party apps

To increase capture time, ditch any apps such as Instagram or Tumblr to favour the native phone camera app itself. Using a third-party app to take the photos will slow down the shutter speed and create blurriness.

Sprout wishes you all the luck with your firework and other subject photographs. We know you want to have fun with your smart phones and our range of mobile phone cases can perfect and protect your smart phone.

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