How to Swap From iOS to Android and Skip the Fuss 06/09/2013
Swapping between an iOS phone and an Android? Let Sprout help you with the essentials
How to Swap From iOS to Android and Skip the Fuss

So the Android grass looks much greener to you than the pastures of your current iOS phone and you are keen as mustard to make the swap between them. Where do you start and how do you avoid the changeover disharmony? Let Sprout guide you through the process so you can skip the moan and enjoy the phone.

Take your friends with you

Chances are you have spent some time cultivating an essential list of digits and details and you can’t really forsake them just for the operating device switch. You can download ‘My Contacts Backup’ app from the App Store which can either bulk or individually select the contacts you wish to keep and send them to you via text or email.

Sync your calendar

Don’t neglect your organisation just because your phone is changing. If you have already signed up to Gmail

(If you haven’t yet - see why you are missing out below) then you can go into your iPhone settings and sync your calendar with your email account. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and turn on the syncing for calendars.

Google is your new best friend

Get yourself a Google Account stat! The iPhone does have iCloud to give you wireless access to much of your personal information, however Android has Google. By using your Google account you can access your appointments, contacts, bookmarks etc. giving you as much freedom if not more than you get with Apple. There is also Google Docs, Google Drive and Google Wallet to name a few services, which all enhance the integrated functions of an Android phone.

Keep your visual memories

Take your phone and video memories with you so you don’t regret culling memories between your iOS and Android phones. The easiest way to transfer the files is to plug your phone into a computer using a USB cable and import the pictures to your hard drive and then follow the process in reverse for putting them onto the new phone. Alternatively if you have Google Drive or DropBox on your iPhone you can wirelessly transfer photos and video from your phone to your account – this will take longer.

Take your tunes too

Thanks to generous friends, family, pure boredom and relentless catchy melodies, many of us have a substantial music collection on our iPhones. Don’t let your iTunes dollars go to waste by leaving the music behind. Get them transferred for your enjoyment on your new Android phone. On the same computer you use iTunes, create and sign-in to Google Music. Download Music Manager, install it and choose the iTunes option for the location to store your music. After that point you will be able to select upload all songs and playlists to transfer to your new Google Music account. 

Bring the words with you

Transferring your heartfelt, crazy and memorable text messages is as important as moving across the numbers which sent them. The iSMS2droid app is one of the best ways of getting text messages from your iPhone to your new Android phone. It is a little tricky and requires you to save your text messages to iTunes and search the content for the right file to convert, but if you’re a little savvy you can do it. Alternatively, you can use Samsung Kies Software to restore an iPhone backup which includes text messages to a Samsung Android phone.


And lastly to take note of is that the funky iPhone cases, docks and accessories you bought for your iOS phone will no longer fit your Android device. However, not to worry as there are many unique and stylish cases, Bluetooth Pod Speaker and screen protectors which will fit your brand spanking new Android phone.

These are the essential tips to get you started on your new relationship with an Android phone after you break-up with your iPhone. Jump on to Sprout’s Facebook or Twitter page and let us know of any other tricks, tips or hints you have to help the transition.  
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