Top 5 Tricks: Get More From Your Samsung Galaxy S3 11/10/2013
Get more from your Samsung Galaxy S3 with the Top 5 tricks you need to know! From battery saving to camera shooting modes, you should check these out.
Top 5 Tricks: Get More From Your Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been an extremely popular choice in the market and there are good reasons why. Although you may have discovered a bunch of handy Galaxy S3 tricks already, there are many users on the S3 that still haven’t learned how to get the most out of their Android handset. So to help improve your day-to-day Galaxy S3 experience Sprout has compiled the Top 5 tricks you need to know.

Galaxy S3 Trick #1 – Take a Screen Shot

For those classic moments when you see a funny post on Facebook you want to share; or maybe a product online that you want to send to your friends, knowing how to take a screen shot will save you a lot of time. To take a screen shot on the Samsung Galaxy S3  simply, click the MENU button and select SETTINGS. Select MOTION.  Under “Hand Motion” settings, check “Palm swipe to Capture” checkbox. That’s it!

Now you can capture screens by moving your palm on the screen from left to right or right to left. This will take screenshot of whatever screen you are currently on. You can go to your Gallery app to see the screenshots that you have captured.

On the Samsung Galaxy S3 you can control the information that appears on your screen when it’s locked. If you want to add your own apps to the lock screen, just take the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the to the Settings App from your Home Screen;
  2. Find the Personal menu and then Lock Screen options;
  3. Now make sure the Shortcut button is on, and then tap Shortcuts;
  4. You will now see four icons, use the + symbol to add new ones, and drag the ones you don’t want to the trash.

Galaxy S3 Trick #3 – Take Cool Pics with a Custom Shooting Mode

The Galaxy S3 offers a variety of options to help take cool photos in all kinds of different environments, so we wanted to feature some of the really handy ones you might find useful. Turn on the Camera app and press the Shooting Mode button, and from here you have a few cool options to explore:

  • Burst Mode: take a series of quick shots, ideal for a moving object.
  • HDR: the technical name is High Dynamic Range, but basically the HDR mode helps prevent over-exposure and under-exposure when you are shooting a really dark or really light image.
  • Smile Shot: the camera will try and detect faces and take a photo when a smile is detected to save you asking to “Say Cheeesssseeee” a hundred times over!
  • Panorama: stich together a wide panorama by sweeping across and taking up to 8 images

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Galaxy S3 Trick #4 – Save Your Battery

If you didn’t already know, there is a power saving mode built into the Galaxy S3 that allows you to limit the CPU performance, reduces brightness and frame rate, change background colour and brightness and turn off haptic feedback. For longer battery life, these are the trade-offs you can take advantage of. You can also keep your battery charging by having a spare charger you can use on the go, check out the universal Sprout AC Rapid Charger

Galaxy S3 Trick #5 – Set Data Limits

Most of us have had at least one crazy phone bill that was blown out by excess data usage. If you’re one of these people, or want to avoid this happening to you in the future, do yourself a favour and set a data limit on your Galaxy S3. Go to the Settings > Data Usage and tick the ‘Set mobile data limit’ option.

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