Installing a screen protector cheat sheet 30/06/2014
We know firsthand that installing a screen protector can be a tad trying on your patience. Check out our cheat sheet for tips.
Installing a screen protector cheat sheet

Installing screen protectors can be rather frustrating. Air bubbles, trapped dirt and sticky messes are no one's idea of fun. But it doesn't have to be that way! It's simply a matter of finding out the little tricks necessary to making it happen easily. Our screen protector cheat sheet will turn the application process into a walk in the park.


Before getting started, gather together all the crucial items:

  • a smart phone or tablet 

  • cleaning cloth (and cleaning fluid, if necessary)

  • screen protector

  • scraper 

Step one: cleaning

Ideally, a screen protector should be applied straight after opening a brand new smart phone or tablet. However, if the device has been in use for a while, giving the screen a thorough clean is crucial. Find a dust-free, dirt-free flat surface on which to do it. 

Hands should be washed first and a soft cloth - preferably a lint-free, micro fibre one - should be used to avoid scratches or damage. If there are any particularly grubby spots, a specialised cleaning fluid can help take care of them.

Step two: finding the peel tabs

A screen protector has two peel tabs - one on each side. Before starting, identify where they are. Be sure to have a clear visual picture of exactly how the protector will be positioned before removing anything. Don't forget to line up the hole in the protector with the round control button on your device. 

Step three: remove the first tab

Put the smart phone or tablet in portrait position. Holding the screen protector with your finger tips and being careful not to touch the adhesive surface, roll back the first peel tab. 

Step four: place the protector on the screen

Starting at the top, apply the protector gradually, rolling it along the length of the surface of the device. This is the best way to avoid air bubbles. Don't try to start in the middle or plant it on the screen in one hit.

Step five: squeeze out the bubbles

If any bubbles happen to have found their way between the protector and the screen, smooth them out immediately. Use a scraper or, if one isn't available, a cloth to flatten the bubbles and push them towards the nearest edge. Your motion should be gentle but firm.

Step six: remove the second tab

Peel back the remaining tab. Then, again, remove any air bubbles straight away by running a scraper or cloth over them.


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