Booyah Sprout Has Mac Gear! 28/09/2013
Sprout accessories now include Mac gear laptop bags along with mobile phone cases, tablet cases and accessories for devices.
Booyah Sprout Has Mac Gear!

Sprout can call booyah on the recent arrival of the Mac Gear collection which adds to our mad range of mobile phone cases, tablet cases and accessories. We don’t want to leave anyone or any device behind with our innovative and funky products so we are proud to announce our new laptop bags. Sprout accessories are quality made and thoughtfully designed products which allow you to get the most out of your mobiles, tablets or computers. Our new Mac Gear lap top bags are no exception.

We know that you need the toughest, strongest and most reliable products you can get so that your business items are protected in a bag that looks good too. Our Mac Gear range is the best reason to expand on your Sprout accessory collection to keep your laptop and accessories safe and portable. There are three great laptop bags to choose from:

This is a no-brainer bag suitable for many business needs. Sprout accessories are built with the user in mind and this laptop bag delivers elegant styling with the strongest and longest lasting materials possible so you get a quality piece of equipment.

As a premium Sprout accessory this laptop bag is made from the most durable material to make it perfect for frequent use. It has been designed with optimal storage facilities so you can keep everything from your laptop to your pens, your note book to your sunglasses safe and within arm’s reach.

In this cleverly-designed bag you can easily house all of your business equipment in one place. Big enough for any sized laptop it has storage solutions galore to easily stow your computer and its accessories away safely.

We encourage you to look at our entire Sprout accessories range of mobile phone cases, tablet cases, screen protectors, Bluetooth kits, Audio accessories and chargers to find solutions for your technology devices. If you have an idea for accessories we don’t yet have we would love to hear from you. Jump over to our Facebook or Twitter page and tell us what you think we’re missing. Also before you get too carried away check out our ‘Cases We will NEVER Make’ Pinterest board so you know what’s already off limits. 

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