Apple Executives Hint at October Release Date For iPad 5 16/09/2013
Who is excited about the new fifth generation iPad? Sprout is and we have checked with the rumour mill to see the latest on the release date
Apple Executives Hint at October Release Date For iPad 5

If you an admirer or owner of the iPad news on upcoming releases should be enough to get your heart all a flutter. Recently, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that developers were “hard at work on some amazing new hardware, software and services that (we) can’t wait to introduce this fall and throughout 2014”. The CFO supported an October release hypothesis by stating that more will be revealed in October.

Past iPad releases

For those of us who have been keeping a close eye on Apple releases for new iPad’s, there has been a mixed schedule from once per year for the first 3, followed by a mere 6 month wait between iPad generations 3 and 4. If you rely on what the Apple CEO and CFO have said, the iPad 5 release is in the offing.

Analyst contribution

A well-respected analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo – who has shown great aptitude in predicting Apple releases – believes the iPad 5 will be introduced in early September in line with similar predictions for the release of the iPhone 5 on September 10 2013. The iPad mini 2 release may be pushed back with concerns that components for its new retina display capabilities have had trouble being produced in time for an early Northern Hemisphere autumn release.

What features will the iPad 5 have?

Even though the release date for the iPad 5 still has shadows of doubt, there is more security in what the new release will offer in terms of features. The fifth generation iPad is expected to include an A7 processor, support for 4G/LTE connection and internal storage of up to 128GB. The disputed and rumoured feature involves the iPad’s camera which is likely to remain as 5MP instead of transitioning to an 8MP as requested by consumers.

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