5 Mobile Phone Case Trends for 2013 20/05/2013
Sprout shines a light on the top 5 Mobile Phone Case Trends for 2013 you love protective yet punch designs for your smart phones.
5 Mobile Phone Case Trends for 2013 Sprout aims to bring you leading technology accessory designs that are not only functional but on trend too. Accessories, be it handbags or phone cases, take their lead from a wider fashion influence and Sprout is mindful of this. We’ve seen what’s funky out there and we know that our range of phone cases are bang on trend!  

Here are the top 5 Mobile Phone Case Trends for 2013

1. Genuine Leather Cases

People want stylish design and nothing says sophistication like genuine leather. It is a quality material that is suitable for both men and women and it features prominently on the 2013 case trends list. Our Genuine Leather Flip case fits the leather trend well as it features premium leather fabric and a pared back design. It also includes cash/card slots to downsize your pocket contents. 

2. Tough Cases

As smart phones become more advanced their price tag increases and their delicate glass screens become more breakable. Tough cases are break out trends in the phone case market. Sprout knows how important it is to keep your phone protected and has designed a super tough case called ‘The Vault’.  It features internal hard plastic and a patented belt clip to add security as well as ease of access to the phone without impacting on the phone’s protection. This case offers premium protection without the bulky feel.

3. Wallet/Purse Style Cases

Smart phones are working to streamline our lives and make things easier, so why shouldn’t your phone case too? The trend for 2013 is all about combining your phone case with a wallet design. Sprout’s Side Flip Wallet Case will help you downsize your wallet and free up your pocket space. The case features 3 inside card slots and a pocket for the convenient storage of your belongings. It is a simple, functional and stylish design.

4. Unique Designs

One of the biggest phone case trends for 2013 is distinctive unique design. There have been a number of clever styles to date, but the emphasis is moving towards artwork. Our Cubed and Glow Cases are just the ticket for design appeal. Our Cubed case is completely original with its colourful and fun 3D artwork. The Glow cases are also stylish, featuring dark colour ethereal designs that are stunning and unique.

5. Bling

Rockstars are all about the bling and in 2013 so are phone cases. The design looks to adding glitz and glamour to your phone with bling’n designs. Our Glitter Cases will fit the mark with their shiny glitter finish in black, purple, pink and silver.  It is a party perfect phone case which is protective too!

Whatever your style, Sprout has a phone case design that will meet your needs and your taste. Check out the range of all our technology accessories online.