What Your Smartphone Says About You: Part Three 11/07/2014
In part 3 of our 4 part series we look at what your Blackberry smartphone says about you.
What Your Smartphone Says About You: Part Three

We have already discovered the secret lives of the men and women lurking behind their Android or iPhone screen, but now it is time for us to delve into the world of the Blackberry user. So, what do our beloved Blackberry phones say about us?

The job

Blackberry users are the successful ones amongst us. We can be found at a café ordering a triple shot of coffee whilst talking loudly down into our mobile phones to close business deals and arrange meetings. Working in the corporate world we are always suited up, full of confidence and glued to our handheld devices as we make the most phone calls, send the most emails and the most texts compared to any other smartphone user. We are always competing with others when it comes to who earns the most money and who is climbing the fastest up the career ladder. We are probably already well on our way to becoming a great leader as we are hard-working and motivated (mainly by the money.) 

The love life

Whilst most people are swiping left and right on Tinder or using social networking to meet people, the Blackberry user is never short of offers for dates. Addicted to BBM, we love to arrange to take people out for dinner and spend all of our hard earned cash. But we must be careful, our obvious ambition and money may be attracting the wrong kinds of partners, but for now, we probably don’t mind, as Blackberry users love to have fun. We have probably dated Android, iPhone and HTC users but we have found that they are always trying to tame us and force us into a long-term relationship. Secretly this is what we want but we love to play hard to get and what we are really looking for is a fellow Blackberry user that we can BBM with. 

The social life

Bubbly and loud, we always enjoy being the centre of attention and socialising. Since we are usually always late, we love to make an entrance and have all eyes on us. We have heaps of friends who probably own a Blackberry too, and we all love to discuss how well we are doing in life. Always wanting to be taken seriously by our peers, we are constantly excusing ourselves to send pretend work emails and take “important phone calls” from our boss, ok whatever, our mother. Being a social butterfly is tiring work and after the day is over, we just love to put on a fluffy dressing gown and relax with a cup of tea. 

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Next month, we discuss the HTC smartphone and whether HTC owners are really generally less agreeable?

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