How to Get the Most Out of Your iPad Mini 21/10/2013
Sprout sings the praise of Apple's iPad Mini and how you can get the most out of this tiny but mighty device.
How to Get the Most Out of Your iPad Mini

If you have decided to treat yourself to an iPad Mini or you’ve simply scored a high-five worthy birthday present it’s time to sit down and take note. By using Sprout’s guide to getting the most out of your iPad Mini you are sure to tame this tiny but powerful beast to tweet your ideas, share your pics or defeat your friends high-score on Bejewelled in a few easy clicks.

Here are the best tricks and tips to get the most out of your iPad Mini:

Stay notified

By tapping and dragging a finger from the very top and middle of the screen you are able to pull down an Android-inspired notifications bar. Here it will tell you about all recent messages, app alerts and emails etc. If you have the Twitter app and are logged in you can also send tweets directly from here too.

Ultimate hands-free

Sometimes typing on a tiny keyboard is frustrating. Avoid the angst and use the dictation keyboard. Once you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, a microphone button will appear on the bottom line of the on-screen keyboard. After tapping it begin talking. Your voice file will be trekked over to Apple’s servers and translated into words – Siri style.

Do wrap it up!

The iPad Mini has an aluminium rear that is extremely easy to scratch. It also has a crisp, vulnerable glass screen which deserves premium protection from scratching and dropages. Invest in a funky and functional iPad Mini case. You can also opt for an iPad Mini screen protector that saves your screen and avoids the awkward cracked screen conversation everyone has when they see a cracked screen because you didn’t use protection.

Play alternative video files

If tying everything up in iTunes with Apple devices is annoying you too much you can invest in apps such as CineXPlayer HD or MediaPlayer HD Pro. These apps will play many other file types beyond iOS favoured files MP4 and H.264. If you upload your MKV or avi files as documents associated to the app through iTunes you are good to go without worrying about file conversions.

Let’s play iPad Mini Guitar

Despite there being limited external accessories for iPad Mini there are a few gems which can create true Apple harmony. One such thing is iRig HD. It is a cord that plugs into your guitar making your iPad Mini function as its amp. Rock n’ Roll!

Printing in the air

Airprint is a function built into the iPad Mini. It allows you to print directly from multiple apps to a printer using your Wi-Fi network. It is easy, but you do need to take some time to ensure the settings meet a few basic criteria.

Portable photo frame

The iPad Mini cleverly turns into a photo slider by clicking the flower pot icon on the locked screen. Your chosen photo selection will gracefully dance across the screen in timed succession. You can change the images by visiting Picture Frame in settings.

Hide and seek

If you have registered to iCloud you can use it to find your iPad Mini should it have been stolen or simply whisked away by jealous brothers, sisters, wives or husbands. The iPad Mini must be connected to a Wi-Fi connection to report its location which can be checked by visiting and following the GPS display. There are plenty of ways to make your iPad Mini your greatest new friend. Anything from playing your favourite tunes on autoplay to housing your favourite recipe videos – this device can do it all. What’s so great about these tips and tricks is that you can use them with iPad’s 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations as well as, in some cases, Apple iPhones. Take care of your gadget with our range of stylish iPad Mini cases and clever iPad Mini screen protectors, that way you’ll be well-prepared to sell it on when the new iPad Mini 2 finally arrives.

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