What? Some people don't have a smartphone! 18/12/2013
Not everyone has a smartphone! Really! These funny clips tell both sides of the pros and cons of a smartphone.
What? Some people don't have a smartphone!

 Not too long ago (like only a decade), most of us were typing text messages using keypad numbers on our phone! The concept of typing out words in such a laborious fashion sounds horrible.

6999    7666666777   844886227777



How do people function without a smartphone?!

Apparently, it was only this year that smartphone sales exceeded feature phones. By mid 2013, 90% of phone sales were smartphones. That seems more like it. At that rate, it won’t be too long before we never see an old style mobile again!

But now that most of us can’t imagine life without our iPhone or Android smartphone, it seems the smug is wearing thin with OG phone owners who are tired of answering questions like ‘How do you pass the time?’ and ‘Does it have a keyboard?’


We’re not being mean, we’re just genuinely gobsmacked! 

So the team at Sprout got to wondering why someone wouldn’t have a smartphone and discovered these top reasons:  

“I just need a phone to be a phone”

Clearly these people don’t even know what a smartphone can do! Because if they did – they’d want one...right?

“The more it does the more I’ll use it”

Duh! Of course you will – and you’ll love it! Your life will never be the same again. You can throw out your old phone, your street directory, your phone directory, your CD collection, your camera, even your PC if you like! There’s pretty much nothing your smartphone won’t take care of.

“My old phone still works fine!”

Sure it does. You’re thinking too practically! Maybe try accidentally reversing over it and see if that fixes the problem. 

“A smartphone will only waste my time”

Just because everyone you see is so absorbed by their phones doesn’t mean they’re all wasting time! Some of them are cracking level 484 of Candy Crush Saga. Some of them are even updating their Facebook status. This is important stuff people! Seriously though, anyone with a smartphone knows they can actually save you time.

“I’d prefer to live in the moment”

This is probably the top argument for not having a smartphone. Supported by the very amusing ‘Get off the Phone Song’ poking fun at smartphone users who are just a little too obsessed with what their phones can do! 


Of course we think everyone should have a smartphone and have fun with it! At Sprout, we’re constantly developing new phone cases and accessories for Apple, Samsung and HTC smartphones and tablets. With a Sprout phone case your precious smartphone looks great and stays safe!