How to be a power user of the iPhone 5C 21/07/2014
Are you sporting a brightly-coloured Apple iPhone 5C? Here’s a few sneaky features you need to know about to get the most from your phone.
How to be a power user of the iPhone 5C

Here at Sprout, we're a huge fan of the latest iPhone offering, the iPhone 5C. While perhaps not as fancy as the iPhone 5S, there are still a whole host of features for you to take advantage of, and here are our top tips for making the most of your device. Whether you're an iPhone veteran that has upgraded, or you're new to the world of Apple, here's a taste of what you can achieve with the latest edition.

More photo features

The camera has a few new features that will make any keen photographer excited. For a start, you're now able to take panoramic photos, and you can even switch directions just by tapping the arrow. There are also 8 filters to choose from, that you can apply to your camera before or after taking a picture. Not only that, you can view the location of the pictures you've taken placed on a map, by tapping the location heading under 'Years, Collections or Moments'.

Taking photos themselves is also quicker than ever, as you can access the camera from any screen by swiping up and tapping the camera icon – even in the lock screen. When taking pictures on the go, you can also focus and snap in one quick press of a button, just by holding the volume button down. Don’t forget to check out your favourite iPhone 5C phone cover to make sure you keep than lens scratch-free!

Type like a pro

It's not just the camera that's been improved; text functions have also been updated. Now you can format in Mail by double tapping to get the options menu, where you will have the option to bold, italicise or underline your text.

Along with a cool range of new options for a 5C phone case, the new iPhone 5C also brings the ability to define words in apps such as Mail and Safari by double tapping on the word and selecting 'Define'.

Everybody loves the swipe

The iPhone has always offered a variety of handy shortcuts that are available by swiping the screen and with the release of the iPhone 5C now there are more than ever. For example, in Mail you can now delete emails by swiping from right to left in the inbox and you can also go back to a previous screen by swiping left to right from the edge of your screen.

In Messages, you can reveal the timestamps of your texts by dragging the message bubbles to the left and you can now also open the Spotlight search by swiping down from anywhere on the Home screen.

Get there faster with Maps

Apple Maps was considered a bit of a let down when it was first launched, but the developers have been working hard to improve the app. The results are promising, with options such as Quick Route giving you instant directions by tapping the button next to a location name on a pin, and the option to tilt and rotate your view using two fingers. There's now also the Flyover feature, allowing you to explore certain cities by air while zooming, panning and rotating, all by tapping the 3D icon.

On top of all this, you can also share your pin drop location via AirDrop, messages, Mail, Twitter or Facebook, by tapping the pin and selecting Share.

New and improved Siri

Siri has also had a bit of a makeover with the iPhone 5C, with new features such as being able to assign relationships to certain people. For example, you can say 'Mary is my wife', and then later 'Call my wife', and Siri will know which contact you mean.

You can now also set locations, for example by adding your home and work address in contacts. That way, Siri can give you reminders when you arrive at or leave a certain location – very futuristic!

Many people (especially those with unusual names) have had trouble with Siri not pronouncing things correctly. You can now change Siri's pronunciation, simply by saying 'That's not how you pronounce that'. She will then ask you for the correct pronunciation, and then read back three options for you to choose from.

Siri offers a great way to stay safe and avoid texting on the road, you might also want to check out our in car equipment to set yourself up for ultimate handsfree driving chats.

Only the tip of the iPhone 5C iceberg

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the features of the iPhone 5C, but should be enough to keep you going for now. Sprout Accessories literally has you covered when it comes to 5C phone cases to help you protect your bright-coloured new investment. If you happen to need another charger or any audio accessories then have a look around, we have plenty to offer. 

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