Will technology blend? That is the question 16/04/2014
BlendTec founder Tom Dickson is pretty convinced he's engineered the ultimate blender. Here he tries it out on technology!
Will technology blend? That is the question

Tom Dickson asks the question everyone wants to know – ‘will it blend?’ and proceeds put his trusty BlendTec Total Blender to the test. Rubik’s cubes, rake handles, coke cans, golf balls, hockey pucks… nothing is safe from the blender!

Even our favourite mobile devices!

Warning: This content may cause some viewers distress as it contains technological cruelty!

Which blends better – iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C? It’s a blend-off!

Does this mean the Samsung Galaxy S3 is better than the iPhone 5?

At least an iPad won’t fit in the BlendTec. Or will it?

iPhone smoothie anyone? It’s going to taste like apple!

We’re not sure if Tom has inhaled too many toxic fumes but ‘death from blender’ is not one of the common ways we ruin or lose our smartphones. That means most of the time; a Sprout phone case will keep your beloved smartphone safe.

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