Have You Seen our Fun on Pinterest? 16/08/2013
See some crazy, weird and down-right bizarre smart phone cases we have found from around the globe on our Pinterest page.
Have You Seen our Fun on Pinterest?

Sprout are advocates of innovative and creative design for people’s favourite mobile and tablet devices, however there are some people taking the concept of ‘thinking outside the box’ a little far. We are all for people inventing clever ways to charge your mobile phone using a coaster or an intelligent touchscreen cutting board or any other cool product that explains Why We Are Broke. Including this 24 carat gold and crystal headphones.

Obviously we love to surf the internet and see what crazy and cool inventions are being shared across the world. Our ‘Cases We Will NEVER Make’ Pinterest page is a collection of the weirdest, craziest and downright bizarre phone cases we have come across on the internet.

Here are some of our favourites from our very popular Pinterest board

  • The Ear case is a giant silicone phone case in the shape of a lifelike ear. It is made in a natural looking skin colour but there is just something odd about the whole design. There is a hint of Monty Python mixed in but overall Sprout thinks it is best left as fantasy rather than a smart phone case reality.
  • Food texture cases are some of the craziest we have come across. We aren’t sure what the connection is between smart phone cases and lifelike food, but we can say categorically that we are  a little hungry. If you want bacon and eggs with your smart phone may we suggest dining out a café and laying down your smart phone close by.

On the other hand our Pinterest is also filled with pins of our popular cases:

  • Our Tattoo cases resemble beautiful tattoo work designed in black, white and red. We currently have those bad boys on sale ready to stylise your favourite smart phone.
  • Sprout’s Carbon Fibre Samsung Galaxy S4 case is a well-loved favourite featuring strong and durable carbon fibre in a funky crosshatch design that excites and delights our customers.

See the full range of mobile and tablet cases and accessories online. Pin your favourites and let us know if you find a bizarre case that would complement our collection on our ‘Cases We Will NEVER Make’ Pinterest page.

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