The 6 biggest moments of Apple WWDC 2014 10/06/2014
Here is our round up of the 6 biggest moments from Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC 2014!
The 6 biggest moments of Apple WWDC 2014

This week marked Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco. The event is held annually, and is a showcase for Apple’s latest software and hardware developments. Here’s our round up of the 6 biggest moments from WWDC 2014!

1. OSX 10.10 – Yosemite

The sequel to the current OSX, Mavericks, was announced. This new OS, named Yosemite, is packed with new features and refined design, with the main focus being on continuity between your Mac and iOS devices. This update includes improvements to Mail, notably MailDrop - a new feature which will eliminate the problem of sending files that are too large.

2. iOS 8

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the latest iOS to a big round of applause (of course). The new iOS isn’t much different in design to the current iteration, however, there are some big improvements. Perhaps the most impressive is an update to Notification Centre which means users won't have to leave the app they're in to read a message. 

3. iCloud Drive

You’ve probably guessed from the name what this one is. iCloud Drive is an online cloud-based storage system. You get 5GB free, and can work your way up to TUB of storage with varying monthly payments. We think it’s a smart idea - iCloud Drive syncs across Mac, iOS devices and Windows too, so all your files can be stored and shared with anyone you like!

4. HealthKit

HealthKit is perfect for those who like to monitor health and fitness. It gathers information from different apps about your activity and health and puts them all in one place. It can gather data from apps such as Nike so you can easily keep track of your fitness activity.

5. Take calls on your mac

One of the best updates to the last OS, Mavericks, was the ability to send iMessages on their Mac. Apple have now taken this one step further. With Yosemite installed, users will be able to make and receive phone calls on their Mac. This new feature was brilliantly demonstrated by Apple Exec Craig Federighi who rang Dr Dre from his Mac to welcome him to the company following the acquisition of Beats Audio.

6. Updates to Messages

Alongside the notification centre improvements, there are several other updates to Messages on iOS devices. These include QuickType, which adapts and suggests the word you might be typing and the ability to send voice and video replies. You will also be able to share your location with messages, a la Facebook. 

So that is Sprout’s round up of the 6 biggest WWDC moments. If this has convinced you to invest in a new iPhone case or iPad cover, or if you simply want to keep your device safe and secure, we have a range of stylish cases and accessories, available from over 300 retailers across Australia and online.

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