Sprout Mobile Accessories Awarded For Innovative Packaging 21/02/2014
Packaging for the Sprout range of mobile accessories had to be eco-friendly, cost-effective, strong and accessible. Heres why it soon began to collect awards.
Sprout Mobile Accessories Awarded For Innovative Packaging

It’s one thing to say you’re environmentally aware, but what really gets attention these days is a real commitment to what you stand for that can be seen in your products, service and the way you do business.

The Sprout mobile accessories brand is one company that’s doing just that through its innovative, environmentally aware packaging. 

Re-launched in 2012, the new Sprout brand entered the mobile accessories world but with a clear sense of their brand personality. In a relatively short space of time Sprout accessories have quickly attracted a loyal following of people who relate to their quirky, cheeky, spirited style.

Changing the Way Mobile Accessories Are Packaged

Part of this is no doubt a result of walking their talk with packaging that literally takes accessories out of the box while also treading lightly on the earth.

“When we started developing the Sprout accessories product packaging we knew we didn’t want the typical transparent PET folded box. Instead, we needed something that was more aligned with what we’re all about,” says Sprout General Manager, Ben Caddy.

Sprout worked with the award winning OuterSpace Design Group  to make their brief come to life in packaging that would be:

  • Eco-friendly (recycled and recyclable materials);
  • Cost-effective (minimised waste and extraneous elements);
  • Effective (strong and protective); and
  • Accessible (so people could take products out of the box)

What resulted was an innovative take on packaging that would match Sprout’s innovative mobile accessories.

New Packaging Expresses the Sprout Brand and Philosophies

Two versions of packaging were developed, one for the fashion accessories like phone covers, and another variation for the Sprout range of cables, chargers and other utilitarian products.

The designers reduced both packages to just three components; an outer tray made of formed bamboo pulp, an inner tray moulded for the product also created from bamboo pulp, and a printed carton board or PET sleeves to wrap the product and enable hang-sell.

In a recent article on the Sprout accessory packaging, Managing Editor of PKN Packaging News and Food & Drink, Lindy Hughson goes further in identifying what makes the packaging so different, “One of the interesting things about the design is what was left out. Conspicuous in their absence are: an outer box, shrink-wrapping, adhesives, product retention clips, labels and tamper-evident closures.’

Most importantly, all components in the packaging are recyclable.

Packaging Awards Recognise Innovation

Not long after the first Sprout accessories started arriving in stores, the newly designed packaging started winning awards for its design.

In 2012, the Sprout mobile accessories package design won a bronze medal in the Australian Packaging Design Awards and a silver medal at the International WPO Packaging awards.

Sprout packaging took out the Electronics category in the prestigious Worldstar Packaging Award 2013 run by the World Packaging Organisation.

Sprout continues to innovate to stay aligned with their values and as more attention turns to environmentally aware packaging, waste reduction and the damage caused by plastics in the environment, it’s likely we’ll continue to see more companies follow their lead.

Sprout creates smartphone and tablet accessories such as cases, sleeves and screen protectors as well as cables, chargers and speakers. Sprout accessories are available in over 200 retail stores around Australia and at Sprout online.

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