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Where is Sprout located?

Sprout is based in Brisbane Australia but sells product in every state of Australia. We ship free to anyone based in Australia for no charge.

Do you have a warranty on your products?

Yes – we believe our products are the best in the business, so on the rare occasion a product has a problem we will replace free of charge for up to a year after purchase.

What is your top selling product(s)

Varies depending on what phone/tablet is hot at the time, but if you click on the "what's hot" section within each product category on the website it will show you what is currently our hottest items.

If I need help on the website who is the best person to contact? is your best bet. We have a team of people who receive emails to that address (Monday to Friday) so you should get a response quickly.

How often do you refresh your products?

Our product range is constantly changing/growing. It is worthwhile checking back often and signing up to our social media feeds to find out what is new.

I am a designer – how do I get my designs onto your cases?

We are always looking for great Australian artists. Join our social media feed and you will be able to enter competitions to become our next designer.

Does anyone actually read the FAQ on websites?

Yet to be proven, and my instinct suggests no…… but if you are reading this, we believe you are ten types of awesome!

I am a tradesman and most of my cases break within a short period of time. What is the best case for me?

Suggest you check out our super tough range (the Vault), as that is specially designed to withstand the dirt/abuse/heavy use of the tradesman lifestyle.