Ombre Case


Ombre' for iPhone 5 is one of our latest and most popular designs. Named after a sunset the Ombre' offers unique two tone colouring, and is finished in a sprayed metallic rubber coating. But what makes this case really special is the premium velvet lining and the SimpleDock system.

What is SimpleDock?
Well for starters it is a word that we completely made up! But it does make it easier for you to connect your iPhone 5/5S to your docking system without removing it from the case. Just slide out the lower part of the case to dock, and when finished using, slide it back on.


  • Unique two-tone colour
  • Lightweight, impact resistant polycarbonate to suit Apple’s thinnest iPhone
  • Velvet interior
  • Access to all ports and functions
  • Four Colours Combinations: Black/Blue, Black/Purple, Black/Red & Red/Yellow
If you like the Ombre's velvety lining you may be interested in one of our favoured Sprout accessories, the Stone Case which features a unique rough finish that feels great in hand.





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