The iPad Mini: A Must-Have Accessory 05/07/2013
Small in size, big in power the iPad Mini is here! How does it measure up to the competition?
The iPad Mini: A Must-Have Accessory

Small is the new big. Over the last few years you would have noticed that your phones, music players and speakers have gotten tinier while making no compromises in quality, so why not the mighty iPad? Apple’s amazing device has shown the world how good tablets can be, and now it’s been given the Biggest Loser treatment.

What’s In a Name?

The iPad Mini is exactly what the name implies – it’s an iPad, just made smaller. This means that it plays all the apps, games and cat videos that over a hundred million existing iPad users currently enjoy, and it fits neatly in one hand.

That sounds good on paper (well, on screen), but it’s not until you hold one that you realise what a spectacular difference the new form factor makes, especially if you’re used to the full size version. For one thing, it’s a lot lighter, weighing in at a featherly 308 to 312 grams. Secondly, it’s so small that you can hold it securely in one hand, perfect for taking notes with via its handy onscreen keyboard. It’s a perfect size to provide entertainment on a crowded train, too. All this means you can effortlessly carry it around all day in your handbag or backpack - just remember to get a screen protector to prevent damage from your keys, textbooks or being accidentally knocked off the table. 

Speaking of which, the iPad Mini’s screen is a sight to behold. Text is crisp and clear even at a small size, and photos of your latest weekend adventure pop with vibrant colour. The Mini lacks the fancier ‘Retina’ screen that the latest iPad model sports, but the small display means that you won’t notice unless your nose is touching the glass…and you probably shouldn’t do that.

Connecting with the World, iPad Style

The built in cameras work flawlessly with the inbuilt Facetime software (and popular apps like Skype or Google Hangouts) so you can make video calls with your friends like it’s no big deal that you’re holding a crazy future device that would have been thought impossible ten years ago. “Oh hey Mike, yeah, just hanging out at home holding a piece of technology more advanced than what they used to send mankind to the moon, what’s up with you?”

iOS 6 (and soon to be 7) is built into the device and features iCloud, an always-connected system that ensures that that any books, movies or songs you’ve bought on one Apple machine are automatically available on your iPad Mini. This makes the initial set up process of things like email and browser bookmarks a snap and being able to start playing a game on your iPhone and continue the level on your Mini is a cool feature.

All in all, it’s easy to see why so many people think the iPad Mini is a must-have gadget. The portability, long battery life and clear screen make it an attractive proposition to people on the go (and even more attractive with some smart iPad Mini cases), and the low price just rounds out an irresistible package. 

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