Top 10 Extreme Selfies

Top 10 Extreme Selfies 28/04/2014
Check out these Top 10 Extreme Selfies, where they really ought to have been paying closer attention at snap time.
Top 10 Extreme Selfies


On Instagram, do a quick search for the hashtag #selfie and you’ll see almost 90 million posts. We’re obsessed with taking pictures of ourselves and posting them for all to see. A flattering angle, good lighting, and the quantifiable popularity that inevitably follows on social media, selfies are all the rage. But, we’ve found a few extreme selfies where these guys really should’ve been paying closer attention at snap time.

Let’s start big, and you can’t get more extreme than a selfie at 1,500,000 feet.

A little love bite never hurt anyone, or maybe it did in this case.

This multi-tasking pilot shows how it’s not that hard after all to fly a fighter jet.

Objects may appear closer than they are. Daa dum… daa dum.

Who cares about the landing, this is awesome, complete with biker photobomb.

“I said I’ll be there is a second!”

That moment before it all became very blurry.

Crazy Russians, this sort of thing isn’t helping your image people.

“Bull, stop photobombing my selfie!”

Working with animals can really bite.

But seriously guys, your mums would miss you if your extreme selfie turned sour, so please selfie responsibly. If you feel inspired though and are going to push the envelope when it comes to selfies, you might want to consider Sprout’s toughest of the tough phone cases for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s The Vault V2, and Sprout’s Tuff Case for iPhone, HTC, Samsung and Dave phones (ok so that was our shameless product push, but hey that’s how we roll).

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