The Sprout Nomad Bluetooth Speaker is laid back cool

The Sprout Nomad Bluetooth Speaker is laid back cool 04/08/2014
Setting out on a big adventure, or taking a day trip to the beach, the Sprout Nomad Bluetooth speaker is your perfect travel companion.
The Sprout Nomad Bluetooth Speaker is laid back cool

The Sprout Nomad Bluetooth Speaker brings the effortless style and laid back cool we all know and love from our antipodean lifestyle. 

Whether you're looking forward to a day at the beach - surfing and relaxing with a barbecue and a few beers with friends as the sun begins to set - and want some chilled out tunes as a backdrop, or you're planning a garden pool party and want something that will get your mates in the mood, this fun little Bluetooth speaker packs enough punch to entertain a crowd.

Beach perfect with a silicone protective shell and an industrial metal face plate, this speaker can handle anything you throw at it in your busy, outdoors lifestyle. It's water resistant and shock proof so pool side or with your gear as you surf, it can provide the soundtrack to your summer effortlessly. 

The Nomad speaker has multiple input options - Bluetooth V3.0, Aux-in, microphone or SD Card - and comes with a micro USB charging cable and a 3.5mm Audio Nomad Cable. It's NFC compatible, so this smashing little speaker is functional, stylish and packs some serious sound with the amazing 6W audio. 

Sprout Nomad Bluetooth Speaker Weighing in at just 220g with neat dimensions of 156 x 49 x 60mm there's no reason this speaker can't be by your side all summer long, cruising, entertaining your friends, seeing the sun rise and set as you explore the world and work hard at home, there's nowhere that this Bluetooth speaker isn't perfect for.  This dishy Sprout Bluetooth speaker comes in this ever stylish black and silver.

We all like our electronics to work well and sound amazing - and the Nomad Sprout Bluetooth speaker does that and more - but it also looks great and can survive even the busiest, full on lifestyle, with everything that goes along with it. 

From your home to your car, your backpack to the beach, this smashing little guy is going to be by your side and never let you down, playing the tunes that make your day and entertaining the masses. 

Sprout don't just make this nifty Bluetooth speaker, either - you can find a full and extensive range of gear to go with your lifestyle, from phone covers to Bluetooth hands free kits, speakers to stylish accessories, Sprout are the new generations go - to guys for accessories and practical, functional smartphone and tablet extras, bringing everything you need out and about to keep your gear safe and keep you entertained, no matter where you end up. 

Beach bums, party people and anyone who's on the go all day long will love the Sprout Nomad Bluetooth Speaker - function, style and great sound, all in one sexy little piece of kit.

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