Possibly the Best iPhone Ringtone Remix Ever

Possibly the Best iPhone Ringtone Remix Ever 29/08/2014
As annoying as the Marimba iPhone ringtone is, you won’t feel the same about this golden oldie after you here MetroGnome’s Remix. We have the low down.
Possibly the Best iPhone Ringtone Remix Ever

 Mobile Phone Ringtones: The Bane of Our Lives

Remember when ringtones were just a series of inane buzzes, which got louder and louder while you rooted through your pockets trying to find it? Those were the days… Now every iPhone owner is cursed with the dreaded Marimba – that plinky plonky irritating-as-hell jingle that haunts your nightmares (literally for me – it’s also the sound of my alarm). You hear it at least 100 times a day – on the bus, at the office, walking down the street - and it always sounds the same. So show your appreciation for MetroGnome, the YouTube mixing wizard who has turned Marimba into a surprisingly cool raver mashup. In fact, if you skip the first 30 seconds or so, you wouldn’t even recognise the underlying melody.

The iPhone Remix Genius at Work

MetroGnome’s mashup starts off slow and simple, following the original pared back Marimba tune, before he starts adding a few beats, then builds and builds on the Marimba motif until it is barely recognisable. To be honest, if this came on in a club, I’d probably dance to it - #YOLO.

MetroGnome has form when it comes to musical mashups. The dubstep DJ went viral earlier this year with his version of the Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones theme tunes. As a result, he’s become a bit of a YouTube success story, racking up more than 153,000 subscribers on his channel, and gaining more than 10 million hits on his videos. 

Anyone who can make Marimba sound listenable must be some sort of evil genius. So what’s he going to turn his skills to next? Hello Moto? Find him on Facebook and Twitter and stay tuned.

iPhone Thank You for the Memories

And for the purists who think nothing can beat the original? Well luckily for you, Marimba is still the default ringtone for all iPhone devices, and comes pre-loaded with every iOS update. A few years ago, Marimba replaced the ubiquitous “Tri-Tone”, which was created by Kelly Jacklin and originally (and confusingly) named “158-Marimba”. But who created the standard Marimba ringtone that we now know so well? Perhaps is best that they keep their identity a secret.

The iPhone Remix Judgement Call

So what do you make of the Marimba remix? Would you download it onto your smartphone, or would you rather plug your own ears with the pointy end of a pair of iPhone chargers? Share your thoughts and let us know your favourite ringtone mashup through our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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