Part 1: What is 4GX?

Part 1: What is 4GX? 24/11/2014
Sprout investigates Telstra’s 4GX network and finds out what it means for internet speed and coverage for mobile and tablet users.
Part 1: What is 4GX?

You may or may not have heard that Telstra is launching their latest mobile network frequency at the start of 2015, but what exactly is 4GX, and how will it affect you? Our Sprout accessories team has the low-down on how this new network will improve speed and access for mobile phone and tablet users. This is the first part of a two part series on 4GX, explaining what it is and why it's so great.

What is it?

Essentially, 4GX is an upgraded version of the already existing 4G network, with increased speeds and coverage. It's expected to make everyday internet usage faster than ever, while also reaching more people and changing what is possible in terms of internet usage.

While the projected 5G network is expected to be several hundred times faster than the current 4G option, this won't be available until at least 2020. In the meantime, 4GX provides a stopgap that will be available within just a few months. 4GX will potentially be three times as fast as current networks, which will certainly be a welcome improvement.

Faster speed for more Australians

Telstra claims that 4GX will provide the fastest internet speeds in the whole of Australia, meaning less buffering, more streaming, and faster download times. The existing 4G bandwidth will allegedly be doubled, meaning you can expect download speeds to double or more, while also allowing you to use multiple devices and do more on your handset than ever before, without it affecting your speeds. Not only that, but the increased coverage area means that an internet connection will be possible even in remote rural and regional areas.

When will it be available?

This new technology works by accessing a 700MHz mobile network frequency that was previously used for analogue TV, and the majority of this frequency band was purchased by Telstra at the Digital Dividend auctions. Thanks to an agreement with the Federal Government at the time of this purchase, Telstra are only allowed to officially release this technology on January 1st 2015. However, Telstra have been running pre-release trials in some areas of the country, especially in inner-city Sydney. Check the Telstra website to see if this technology is already functioning in your area.

Big changes for mobile phone and tablet users

As we will go on to explain in part two of this series, 4GX is already compatible with a number of the newest mobile devices. So, whether you need fun tablet or mobile phone cases online or you’re looking to improve usability through chargers, cables or handsfree kits, Sprout accessories has you covered. We’re easy to find and we deliver

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