Our Hot New iPhone 6 Cases

Our Hot New iPhone 6 Cases 19/09/2014
Get your hot little hands on our hot new iPhone 6 cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
Our Hot New iPhone 6 Cases

All over the world, Apple users are bursting with excitement now holding the iPhone 6 in their hot little hands. We know it has a bigger screen made of sapphire crystal; a thinner, sleeker frame; and a substantial boost in camera megapixels. So let’s keep that precious baby safe.

And now for some yet more excellent news. Here at Sprout, ever keen to think ahead, we've already got our team working on some pretty fabulous iPhone 6 cases and iPhone 6 Plus cases. So, as soon as you've bought your brand spanking new gadget, you'll be able to wrap it up and carry it around in the knowledge that it's both fully protected AND looking good.

The Essential iPhone 6 phone case

If you want your iPhone 6 covers simple yet elegant, the Essential PC Case with Rubber Coating iPhone 6 case is most definitely for you. A slim design, made of impact resistant polycarbonate, it snaps on easily and provides reliable protection from accidental bumps, drops and bangs. Sure, there's truth that some people might take a look at the Essentials and conclude that it's not the most imaginative, daring case they've ever seen, but the fact is that it does its job really, really well. It keeps both the back and all four corners of your iPhone 6 (Apple's thinnest iPhone) well covered, while allowing easy access to all functions and ports. The Essential iPhone 6 phone case is available for both the iPhone 6  (4.7") and iPhone 6 Plus (5.5").

Essentials Case iPhone 6iPhone 6 Plus  Essentials

Glitter iPhone 6 phone cover

If, however, you're somewhat partial to bling, then you might be more interested in our Glitter iPhone 6 range. That's right, this is the cover that will ensure that you - and your beautiful new iPhone 6 - stand out, wherever you go. It offers the timeless sophistication of a disco ball and a dash of sparkle! At the same time, the added shimmer doesn't detract at all from the outstanding performance. The slim fit design is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate and covers the iPhone 6's back and corners, while keeping clear access to ports and controls. Available as a Glitter Gold iPhone 6 case, Glitter Silver iPhone 6 cover and Glitter Black iPhone 6 cover. Available for the iPhone 6  (4.7") only.

iPhone 6 / Glitter GoldiPhone 6 / Glitter SilveriPhone 6 / Glitter Black

Hybrid Case iPhone 6 case

Now that you are the coolest kid on the block ‘cause you've scored a brand new iPhone 6, you want to show it off to the world right? But we're betting you also want to have some protection.  Sprouts Hybrid iPhone 6 Case has you covered! It features a protective clear backing to show off your hot new iPhone and a raised black bumper around the edges to protect against those inevitable drops. Damn you gravity! The Hybrid case also offers easy access to all buttons and ports so there is no impact to the way you use your smartphone

Exactly the way it's meant to be. Available for both the iPhone 6  (4.7") and iPhone 6 Plus (5.5") in clear and grey.

iPhone 6 / Hybrid CaseiPhone 6 / Hybrid Case Grey

Sprout Tuff iPhone 6 Case

Nervous about dropping your new iPhone 6? This is the case for you! Featuring dual layers of protection this case could save you big time! With a soft grey silicon interior and a hard black plastic shell this case gives you double the protection when your phone escapes your grip. Available in two colours, the Black with grey inner Tuff iPhone 6 Case and Pink with white inner Tuff iPhone 6 Case. Available for both the iPhone 6 (4.7") and iPhone 6 Plus (5.5").

 iPhone 6 / Tuff Case PinkiPhone 6 / Tuff Case

Side Flip (Claw) iPhone 6 case

Style and functionality in one case! The Side Flip (Claw) slimline side flip case protects your new iPhone6 while keeping it looking great. It also allows you to save on valuable pocket space with a convenient credit card slot tucked into the front cover! Hello shopping! Available in our ever popular colours of Black Side Flip iPhone 6 case and Purple Side Flip iPhone 6 case. Available for the iPhone 6  (4.7") only.

iPhone 6 / Side Flip BlackiPhone 6 / Side Flip Purple

Thin Side Flip Colour iPhone 6 case

Skilfully crafted out of 2 pieces of dyed PU Leather (so it’s vegan), Thin Side Flip Colour iPhone 6 case is as much a case as it is a work of art for you to showcase your new iPhone 6. Available in a pretty pink front with a white back. Available for both the iPhone 6  (4.7") and iPhone 6 Plus (5.5").

 iPhone 6 / Thin Side Flip Pink

Duel Shield Designer Series

Using the influences of what is hot and fashionable right now, the Duel Shield Designer Series are sure to delight! Featuring a hard PC outer and a TPU inner, these are similar to our tuff cases but with beautiful unique designs. These cases are nothing by style. Check out the Duel Shield Mayan, Duel Shield Cirque and Duel Shield Aztec iPhone 6 cases. Available for the iPhone 6  (4.7") only.

 iPhone 6 / Dual Shield Mayan iPhone 6 / Dual Shield Cirque iPhone 6 / Dual Shield Aztec

Designer Series – Water Transfer

Just like all fashion trends, mobile cases experience them too! By using the current hot fashion influences right now, the Designer Series – Water Transfer series are perfect for all the hipsters or any fashion forward guy or girl. Made using a water transfer technique that provides a complete wraparound matte finish, the Designer Series iPhone 6 cases are expected to be one of our most popular with the early adopters. The 3 hot ones we have right now are Chevron Blue, Stag and Chevron Yellow. Available for the iPhone 6  (4.7") only.

 iPhone 6 / Chevron BlueiPhone 6 / StagiPhone 6 / Chevron Yellow

Flux Genuine Leather Magnet Case

Sprout’s new Flux leather iPhone 6 case is the best of both worlds. This is a premium two piece item that combines a slim case and a leather wallet case. You can use the slim case by itself or attach it magnetically to the wallet for ultimate convenience.  Crafted from premium leather, this case ensures your new iPhone 6 is protected while looking great. Available for the iPhone 6  (4.7") only.

 iPhone 6 / Flux

Covermate Morph 

Based on our top selling iPad case the Covermate Morph iPhone 6 case  is the ultimate case for your iPhone 6. Featuring a unique fold system with multiple options (all held together by magnets) this case is ideal for the larger phone. Allowing hands free viewing on any flat surface, whilst providing complete coverage for your hot new phone. Available for the iPhone 6 Plus (5.5") only.

 iPhone 6 Plus / Covermate Morph

Genuine Leather Flip

Sprout Genuine Leather Flip is as sophisticated as it gets in an iPhone case. This style of case is always a best seller and why it's our most popular case to date! Handcrafted from soft genuine premium leather, it provides your iPhone 6 with excellent protection and absolute elegance. This case holds your iPhone, cards and cash, the phone number of that cutie you managed to snag, and keeps it all protected and organised. A powerful 2-magnet securing system is built into the leather for easy flip open and seal. Available in Black and White (Limited Edition). Available for the iPhone 6  (4.7") only.

 iPhone 6 / Genuine Leather Flip White iPhone 6 / Genuine Leather Flip

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