Old brick phones build a brand new following

Old brick phones build a brand new following 27/06/2014
Retro mobile phones are making a comeback as consumers plug back in to power that lasts.
Old brick phones build a brand new following

Retro mobile phones are making a comeback as consumers plug back in to power that lasts

The digital world is entering a throwback phase with an increase in consumers seeking mobile phones with old-school staying power, such as the now rather retro old-school Nokias, Ericssons and Motorola brick phones. This technological renaissance appears to be driven by those who travel frequently or want the security of an on-the-go backup that won’t let them down at a critical moment - a feeling most of us understand.

With no apps, coloured screens, video calls or emoticons, handsets like the Nokia 3310 or the Motorola StarTac 130 allow just basic text messaging and phone calls to be received and placed.

Demand for them is growing, with the ageing population looking for simpler phones and other consumers looking for a second cheap phone. According to reports out of Europe, where some of these second-hand models are fetching prices as high as 1000 euros ($1500) a piece. The ever popular Nokia 8210, with a tiny monochrome screen and plastic buttons can go for $90.

Going without Snapchat is better than no chat at all?

While check-ins and selfies and the use of small animated pandas to convey our emotional state have become par for the course, we still need to know we can make calls and send texts without a vigorous bout of Candy Crush depleting our power in the blink of an eye. Older style mobile phones last long enough for users to feel reassured that they can still access the basics of telecommunications, but they can’t provide the connection to all the apps and advantages we’ve come to expect from our smartphones. Which begs the burning question – in this day and technological age, can’t we have it all? 

Have your fave device and use it, too

Getting stuck with a dead smartphone battery and nowhere to charge it isn’t fun – nor is it necessary. Rather than buying backup mobile phones, savvier shoppers are turning to portable chargers that can easily and efficiently restore battery power at any place and time. This is why more and more people are investing in the Powerbank, a rapid charger that enables the continued use of the device of your choice, without the worry of an untimely depletion of battery. Just attach the USB cord with the relevant connector to your mobile phone, smart phone, MP3 player, GPS navigator, PDA, PSP or tablet, and voilà! You’ve got the power. 

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