Mobile phones then and now

Mobile phones then and now 18/08/2014
The early 1980s brought us the first generation of mobile phones. Let’s take a stroll through mobile phone past.
Mobile phones then and now

When you used to first got to use a mobile phone, it came in a briefcase! A brown leather case, which when opened produced a brown rectangular phone with white buttons. It was wired to the briefcase, connected to a battery of some kind. It had no LCD screen, and you had to physically pull up a metal antenna on the top of the phone if you wanted to receive a signal. Back in the early ‘90s, we all thought it was the coolest thing around.

What seemed like only a few years later, we progressed to the era of the retro old-school Nokias, Ericssons and Motorola brick phones. These phones were solidly made, had built-in impact protection, and were made to last. After a while some of these came out in a variety of colours, and the ones with small LCD monochrome screens, even had little games on them like ‘snake’.

Although these old brick phones are a far cry from the smart phones of today, we do notice that despite their lack of functions and large screens, they did possess some features that would make our Apple, Samsung and HTC phones today envious. Today we could not go without items like screen protectors and phone cases, such as those available from Sprout.

Battery life is a big concern for us today as we are never without our smart phones, and of course we now use them for many other purposes then simply making phone calls. Back then, the battery life of a mobile phone lasted 3 to 4 days, whereas now was are lucky to get 3 to 4 hours out of our latest device.

The biggest concern of our phones today is that our screens are so large and fragile, so we can't go without some sort of protective case or screen protector. In fact, screen protectors are an essential add-on to any smart phone today. You simply wouldn’t live without one.

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Mobile phones then and now
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