Five top tips when selling or giving away your smartphone

Five top tips when selling or giving away your smartphone 17/11/2014
Selling or giving away your smartphone? Here’s the ultimate checklist.
Five top tips when selling or giving away your smartphone

Every time you turn around, a new smartphone is being released and mobile phone statistics indicate that more and more users are upgrading each time a new model hits the market.

However, not everyone wants a brand new phone and this has led to growth in the second-hand market, resulting in more opportunities to sell or give away your old smartphone. When it comes to passing on your phone, you need to be aware of smartphone safety. This includes the risk of unintentional transfer of personal data that can lead to serious phone security issues, such as identity theft. Also, with recent changes to privacy laws, it’s important you don’t hand over other people’s personal information (i.e. contacts) to the new owner of your smartphone.

Below are five top tips to give you peace of mind when selling or giving away your smartphone.

1. Backup your old smartphone

To ensure you don’t lose those all-important contacts, photos, videos and other personal data, do a full backup. Depending on your smartphone, backing up will involve your cloud service, removing and copying data from the SIM and SD cards or a combination of these steps. 

2. Transfer data to your new smartphone

Make sure you transfer all data from your old smartphone to your new smartphone. This will include photos, videos, contacts, texts, emails, etc.

3. Erase all data from your old smartphone

This is the most important step and the process will differ from device to device. Remember that a manual deletion or factory reset may not be sufficient to delete the deep data from your smartphone. Most smartphones will have pre-installed tools in Settings for this purpose so make sure you’re aware of what these are and how to use them.

4. Remove the SIM and SD cards from your old smartphone

Most data is held on the smartphone’s internal storage but some information can be kept on your SIM and SD cards. If you're selling or giving away your smartphone with the SD card, make sure you erase and reformat, which can be done through Settings.

5. Remove any accessories

Also make sure you remove any accessories from your smartphone before selling or giving it away, unless you’ve told the buyer that these are included in the sale.

Once these steps are taken, you can confidently hand over your old smartphone knowing that none of your personal data is being given away at the same time.

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