Do selfies help keep us fit?

Do selfies help keep us fit? 25/07/2014
Finding it hard to slow down on the selfies? Well statistics now show they are actually helping us stay fit and healthy…so selfie away!
Do selfies help keep us fit?

Is there anything worse than bringing your phone in closer to check out your selfie to discover a few more chins than you hoped? Or when your group selfie was intended to show off your funky phone cases ends up exposing your larger-than-expected face and/or waistline? That angle never seems to be perfect no matter how far you stretch your arm, how dark the room is or how many attempts you have at reaching ‘selfie-perfection’.

Selfies help us to stay fit and healthy

Don't worry, we've all been there, but according to a recent survey by AIA Australia, selfies are helping in more ways than just to show off your new outfit to all your Facebook friends - they're also helping to keep us fit and healthy. 

According to their statistics, more than 75 per cent of women admit the desire for the ultimate selfie is a major motivator to keep trying to look your best with working out and eating well. Men didn't come away unaffected either, showing more than 50 per cent of men care how they look in the hard-to-perfect selfie.

The selfie is now tied to lasting change

The pro-selfie news continues and spokeswoman for Dietitians Association of Australia, Kate Gudorf, said the motivation that comes with seeing a bad photo of yourself can really help to make longer lasting and proper change.

She said if used correctly, social media networks such as Facebook could be helpful in holding people accountable to their fitness goals.

Go selfie crazy

So get 'selfie-ing' we say and maybe don't be so scared of getting the wrong angle if it will add, rather than detract, to your fitness goals and health. Who knew something seen as so trivial by so much of the world could be so useful for our health? Just another way technology is showing the way!

Either way, whether you're planning on starting your fitness campaign with a selfie right now or you just want to continue to take selfies without caring, make sure to keep your phone safe with one of our trendy phone cases. With a huge variety available for any phone, you can also let your individuality shine with one of the funky phone cases on offer. With the rise of the selfie maybe we’ll also start to see phone accessories become the new age fashion accessories!

Sprout Accessories has you covered

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If you're a believer and the statistics don't lie, good luck in finally taking your perfect selfie.

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