A Disposable Mobile Phone Designed 15 Years Ago!

A Disposable Mobile Phone Designed 15 Years Ago! 21/08/2013
Frustrated with your smart phone but cant afford to throw it in a fit of anger? Why not try a disposable mobile phone invented 15 years AGO!
A Disposable Mobile Phone Designed 15 Years Ago! In 1996 a toy designer who had no prior experience with electronics, Randice-Lisa Altschul used a “cheap and dumb” approach to produce a disposable mobile phone. The phone uses super thin technology and includes a phone body, touch pad and circuit board to measure only 5cm by 7.5cms and it is made from recycled paper products! The idea was born out of Randice’s frustration with her mobile phone which she had considered throwing out the window before realising it was too expensive to simply throw it away. 

Throw Away Phone?

The disposable phone was designed to have an in-built tamper-proof-system because as soon as you cut it open to see inside the circuits are pretty much useless as is the phone itself. The concept is to sell the three-credit-card thick phone with 60 minutes of calling time and a hands free attachment. When the call minutes are used up you can choose to either throw the phone away or simply add more credit. A trade-in system is also planned which will give users a few dollars for returning the phone rather than throwing it away. 

Toys and Mobile Phones

Using profits from her previous work with toys, Altschul bankrolled the project to obtain the patents for the world’s first disposable mobile phone in November 1999. She teamed up with engineer Lee Volte to firstly patent the idea and then produce it in Cliffside Park, New Jersey at her electronics company ‘Diceland Technologies’. Even though Altschul had had no experience with developing electronics she surrounded herself with experts who supported her “conceive-it, believe-it, achieve-it attitude”.  

The Future of the Toy Disposable Phone

In addition to the innovative phone body itself, plans are being considered to add a magnetic strip which would make it double as a credit card! Hello online shopping! You could use the phone to swipe for purchases all the while earning call credits. Altschul and Volte have also created a paper laptop computer which they think would serve as an on-the-go internet device. Their super thin technology has endless possibilities. 
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