5 smartphone photography tips for awesome Instagram photos

5 smartphone photography tips for awesome Instagram photos 24/10/2014
Here are our favourite photo composition tips for awesome Instagram photos.
5 smartphone photography tips for awesome Instagram photos

We all love to share our photos on Instagram – it’s a handy app that makes the task of uploading and sharing all those personal photos so much easier, thanks to its simple photo editing features and filters. With its raft of handy built in features, Instagram lets you get the best from your photos by giving you the tools to manipulate your images by adjusting the contrast, brightness, saturation and sharpness. It’s also an easy way to share your photos online with your friends and family.

These days, those blurry pictures of your dog, meal or latest vacation may no longer be good enough, so if you want more from your photos, take a look at these five simple tips for getting better Instagram photos.

1.    Don’t forget the rule of thirds

That’s a fancy term used by photographers who know how to take a good picture. If you imagine that your screen is divided into nine squares of a grid, you should position your subject at the top right intersection of the grid, rather than in the centre. You can see this grid on your iPhone screen by turning the function on in the Settings app.

2.    Try HDR

Try turning on the HDR settings on your camera phone to achieve a more detailed, better looking photo. This useful setting can capture fine detail or balance harsh sunlight for best effect. Of course, there are always a few occasions when you shouldn’t use HDR, like when motion is involved, as this can make your finished photo more blurry.

3.    Learn when to use your flash

Don’t just leave your camera flash on auto, but instead think about turning it on and off when you need to. Good lighting is essential to achieving a superior photo, so you should experiment to get the best results. In general, turn your flash off, unless the lack of natural light makes it impossible to take a good photo. 

4.    Use filters wisely

You can go crazy on Instagram’s various filters, but it’s better to think about the effect you are trying to achieve before you apply them. Sometimes the simplest photos are the best. Flip through the various filters and experiment with them to find out which filter is best for different effects.

5.    Sample apps

Try out some of the latest smartphone photography apps, like Camera+, to get better results from your camera. Many of them are simple to use and offer a huge variety of useful features, such as changing your exposure settings, enhancing your images or creating beautiful black and white images. You can read about some of our handpicked gems from our recent article on The 5 best photography apps for iPhone.

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