10 things you need to know about the Apple iPhone 6

10 things you need to know about the Apple iPhone 6 06/08/2014
iPhone 6: Here is what we know, what we don't know, what we'd like to see!
10 things you need to know about the Apple iPhone 6

1.    Bigger than your ex

We are pretty sure from listening to rumours that the new iPhone 6 screen will come in two different sizes: 4.7 inch, and the much bigger screen at 5.5 inch. The larger iPhone 6 will boast a huge memory capacity, better for on the move gaming and movies, and also the camera will have greater sophistication than the 4.7 inch – it may only cost $100 more for the larger iPhone 6.

2.    Fit it in

We have heard that the 4.7 inch can be 32GB or 64GB, and that the 5.5 inch will have 128GB eclipses the iPhone4 8GB by 16 times!

3.    Open sesame

With beautiful case colours such as Gold, Platinum and Silver, we can just imagine the extra bling turning your new iPhone 6 into a special treasure... hunt for it not, you will see it even in the dark, so everyone else will notice your spiffy new iPhone 6 too!

4.    More room for you

We with the larger iPhone 6 you can have up to 30 apps on the one screen. Plus your favourite 4 iPhone apps that are usually on the bottom of the screen will become your favourite 5.

5.    Just touch

Touch the screen, and your finger print will instantly buy you the latest tracks on iTunes? Huh?! It is only a rumour that we heard, but we will have to see it before we believe it

6.    Dating the new flame

We think that there will probably be a new iOS for the new babies – iOS8. What more can be said, improved operating systems are always a bonus for ease of use and reliability.

7.    Help me!

The new Healthbook App may be partnered with the iWatch in the near future – another mysterious little gem in the bag of treats from Apple, and using the app on the iPhone 6 will lead the way to the future of your health. Measure your pulse using the iPhone 6 and the Healthbook app, and monitor many other vital signs, keep an instant digital record. No more scrunched up bits of paper with your important health data being accidentally thrown away! Forget the need for buying other digital health equipment. You can have it all in the one amazing device! What do you think about selfies keeping us fit?

8.    Thicker is not always better

We have heard that the minimum size of 6mm thickness of the new iPhone 6 will be more compact than the previous iPhones.

9.    Rounded tones

Do you believe this? We heard that the new iPhone 6 promises to sit up nicely, speak clearly and also has gone to the Apple gym for nicer curves, smoother edges and a more sophisticated exterior appearance.

10. Get out your claws

The iPhone 6 will also possibly boast a Sapphire Crystal Screen, to make the surface more oblivious to the hardcore beating from thumb wars when we text or post on Facebook. Or against those unmentionable times when we leave our keys in the bag with the iPhone!

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