10 bad things you're doing with your smartphone

10 bad things you're doing with your smartphone 02/04/2014
Interested in finding out how to keep your identity safe? We have compiled a list of things you shouldn't be doing on your smartphone.
10 bad things you're doing with your smartphone

STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING! In the middle of a phone call or Instagramming your lunch? Hang up, stop posting. The following information is guaranteed to save you a lot of time and money in the long run. We have compiled a list of the top 10 most dangerous things people do with their smartphones and if you don’t want to fall victim of the next big scam we would advise you to read on!

No password

Recent industry statistics have demonstrated that a whopping 62% of smartphone owners don’t protect their device with a password. Set yourself a password right now if you happen to be in this category and don’t fall into the identity theft trap as a result!

Auto sign-in

Auto sign in for banking and financial websites is 100% a no-no! 32% of smartphone owners are currently at risk because they have their private passwords saved onto their smartphone.

Nude pics

For some strange reason after all of the incriminating and damaging viral pics out there, people are still taking, sending and storing nude photos on their smartphone. For all those who ‘trust’ the recipient of their nudey we have news for you - it is extremely likely these will be sent to someone else.

Fraudulent emails

According to a leading insurance provider for phones & tablets, one of the most dangerous things people can do with their smartphones is click on links in fraudulent emails.  A massive 156 million infected emails are sent every single day. Our advice - do NOT open any email from an unfamiliar source.

Post vacation pics

It has become prevalent that burglars are using social media to target their victims. So think twice about posting photos online while you’re on vacation, why not wait until you can open a can of filter mania on your collection once you’re home. Future You will thank you!

Photos with location

For a very similar reason as above and because a lot of you lie about your whereabouts it is definitely in your favour to turn off location settings when sharing your photos online.

Sharing personal data with fraudsters

27% of identity theft is caused from phone related and banking fraud cases so please understand that your bank will not ring you to clarify or request your card details for any reason!

No case or cover

25% of smartphone advocates don’t use a phone case which you will find out sooner or later is an extremely bad idea. Covers are a must people! Your selfies just aren’t the same through a cracked screen.

Wireless networks

Connecting to unsecure wireless networks is a definite no-no.  Pretty much half of smartphone owners are guilty of this. Don’t do it, bad things will happen.

No smartphone insurance

With only a mere 40% of smartphone owners considering insurance when purchasing their brand spanking new phone, this means that everybody else is left uncovered and at risk. Don’t fall into the trap of ‘it won’t happen to me’, because when you least expect it your phone will drop and smash to a million smithereens.

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